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  • Downloads » Language Development » Delphi » Portable Turbo Delphi Lite Update Pack 1.0d
    Portable Turbo Delphi Lite Update Pack 1.0d
    Date 30th March, 2008   Publisher anDY
    Views 19,145   License Freeware
    Downloads 6,427   Category Delphi
    Size 1.76 MB   Rating --- not available yet ---
    Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d Update Pack for 1.0 to 1.0c

    NOTICE: Because the size problem, this update pack will not included the newest delphi.chm published on 1.0c, if you want the newest help file, please get the full package here.

    Version 1.0d - 30-Mar-2008
    - Small fixes for crashing on set path environment. (Nick)
    * Updated Portable Runner to Version

    Version 1.0c - 17-Mar-2008
    + Added previous registry state recovering on start and closing.
    + Added command-line options support: use /help for more detail.
    * Updated Portable Reference Help to RAD Studio Help Update 2.
    * Improved registry patching for files and packages path.
    * Improved support for register the debugger directly.
    * Improved support for limited account. (Jonsy)
    * Improved support for network path.
    * Updated Portable Runner to Version
    * Updated DelphiSpeedUp to Version 2.73.

    Version 1.0b - 12-Dec-2007
    * Improved Portable Runner for portable device detection.
    - Fixed some images bugs on Reference Help.
    * Updated DelphiSpeedUp to Version 2.70.